As we all well aware of the local condition of the pandemic all around the world, rather in our hometown every single organization working for the recovery from this situation. In the meantime, NHS launched the Mobile Application that helps the community to “trace or track” the current status of COVID-19. Several new vehicle retailers or Scrap My Car London dealers all over the United Kingdom are now flashing the QR code of App to spread awareness in their staff and customers.


The government making strict rules or we can say the new lockdown restrictions and guided locals to obey for preventing the coronavirus rapidly. Under these restrictions, businesses base on the physical appearance of customers are hurt the most as the government announced the 10 pm Curfew for at least 6 months or more, reported by the reputable news websites.

One of the reputable news website reported, the new rules that announced yesterday will numerous business sectors or the community organizations must display the QR codes posters which everyone around to check it and install the app on their smartphone immediately. This app also contains many other features related to your health and will easily track your health report data. Easily appoint a doctor for yourself in the situation and get a prescription.

After the App launched many hospitality or community sector was seen to flashing the QR code to easily get access to NHS App and get advantages from this app. You have to provide genuine and complete information about yourself to get full benefits from the app if you failed to provide the complete information, your entry to the application will be rejected.


Helping the community in the right way is very necessary for the local businesses in the town to get a speedy recovery from the situation. Scrap My Car or Van using the safety measure to help to prevent the pandemic situation while delivering Scrap My Car London service to our customers and complete the scraping process with all safety precautions.


While meeting the client to scrap their vehicle for cash we make sure that our representative/ vehicle inspection officer was fully prepared with all safety gear as using the surgical mask, hand gloves, hand sanitizers, and at the end maintain social distance with customers. The vehicle collection process will also be held considering safety.


The Scrap My Car or Van highly professional team are always available at your doorstep even in this hard condition to facilitate you in the right way and help you to get the best prices for your vehicle removal by using our Scrap My Car London services and will get many benefits by getting a free quote for you scrap car by comparing the prices.


Our experienced team will help you to sort out DVLA paperwork and remove the car from your parking without any hassle. You can contact us on 0207 1839376 and consult with our trained UK support agents or can book your car inspection online and get a free quote now.

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