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How Does Our Car Scrapping Service Work?

Founded in 2008, Scrap my car or van was one of the country’s first scrapping websites for scrap vehicle prices. Since that time, our independent website has been offering free, instant scrap and salvage quotes for all UK residents, simply by providing your car registration. We have also grown and developed a nationwide network of reputable scrap car breakers, collectors and dedicated buyers. We work with government Authorised Treatment Facilities (ATF) and approved buyers nationwide to provide you with a friendly and impartial service, whilst removing the hassle of the sale and disposal of your scrap or salvage vehicles.

Generate Your Quote

Start your search by entering your vehicle’s registration number and postcode into the form at the top of any page on this website. This will pull the make and model of your vehicle and will either transfer you through to your price offer, if your vehicle is classed as scrap, or will take you through to or a page where you can add more information about the condition of your vehicle. The latter is done if your vehicle is suitable for salvage and will ask questions such as; if there are any damaged or broken areas on the interior or exterior, , the mileage of your vehicle and whether or not it is a non-runner. Don’t be afraid to add too many details on this page as the more information about your vehicle you can provide, the more accurate your quote will be. It’s also incredibly important to mention whether your vehicle has wheels or keys as we will need to ensure that the buyer we match you with has the necessary recovery equipment required for retrieving your vehicle in those circumstances.

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Confirm The Details

Once you have accepted your quote a member of the Scrap Car Or Van team will call you to confirm your booking. During this time they will advise you of the details of the company which is purchasing your vehicle and will go over our verbal contract with you. This contract is a sales agreement between yourselves and the buyer and will explain that ‘X’ price will be paid upon receipt of the vehicle and subject to checks. This contract is in place to protect you, and ensure that you receive your guaranteed price, and the buyer to ensure that the vehicle is as it was described when the quote was generated. Once the verbal contract is in place we will pass your contact details on to the buyer of your vehicle so that they can arrange a mutually convenient date with you for the collection of your vehicle.

Vehicle Collection And Payment

Once your details have been passed on the buyer of your vehicle will be in contact to arrange a collection date for your vehicle with you. This will be arranged for a date that is convenient for both of you, with a delivery window given for that day. Unfortunately delivery windows vary and exact times cannot be given. This is because there are often multiple collections booked in per day, and each collection takes a different amount of time to complete depending on the vehicle’s individual requirements. Collection windows are given, as if a collector was to run to an exact schedule, delays could occur which would throw the whole day out of sync. Each collector will ensure that you are updated when they are on route so that you have enough time to travel to the vehicle if it is stored elsewhere.

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