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Founded in 2008, Scrap my car or van was one of the country’s first scrapping websites for scrap vehicle prices. Since that time, our independent website has been offering free, instant scrap and salvage quotes for all UK residents, simply by providing your car registration. We have also grown and developed a nationwide network of reputable scrap car breakers, collectors and dedicated buyers. We work with government Authorised Treatment Facilities (ATF) and approved buyers nationwide to provide you with a friendly and impartial service, whilst removing the hassle of the sale and disposal of your scrap or salvage vehicles.

Sell A Broken Or Damaged Car

There’s an array of different reasons which can cause a car to be classified as damaged or broken. However, the reasons often fall into one of the following three categories; bodywork, engine/parts or interior. Because it is usually an element which is damaged, and not the entirety of the car, it means that the vehicle can often be sold as salvage and the car’s parts will be used to help repair other vehicles. For example; if you had two of the same cars in terms of make, year and model but one of them had a damaged engine and was a non-starter and one of them had a smash-damaged shell, a specialist would be able to use elements of each car to create one working vehicle. Fixing damaged cars can be time-consuming, expensive and often people don’t have the required expertise to be able to do so themselves, which is why vehicles that require a certain level of work, are often sold on as salvage vehicles.


Selling a broken or damaged car can be a confusing time and you may find yourself wondering whether people will want it, especially if you’re selling an MOT failure, a non-runner or need to sell an insurance write-off, but salvage categories have made it easier for people to understand the differences between broken and damaged vehicles. The salvage categories used to be classified as Category: A, B, C or D, however the Association of British Insurers (ABI) recently re-categorised these to make them easier for the general public to understand when looking into a vehicle’s history. As of the 1st of October 2017 the following categories will be used:

Category A – Scrap

Category B – Break

Category S – Structural

Category N – Non-Structural

Expectation When Selling Faulty Car

Price quotations for damaged and broken cars will vary on a vehicle-by-vehicle basis due to the individual differences. When selling a damaged vehicle you should always be up-front about the condition of the car as giving a completely accurate portrayal of both the positives and the negatives of your vehicle can help us to search our network and generate the best quote for your vehicle. When looking into selling your damaged vehicle it can be a little disheartening to hear that the car you paid so much for is now worth significantly less for salvaged parts, which is why it’s important to remember that you are selling damaged goods.

In many cases damage such as an engine fail, an uninsured accident or an MOT failure can deem a vehicle as uneconomical to repair. The buyers on our network specialise in damaged and broken vehicles, which means that just because part of your car has shattered doesn’t mean your hopes have to be, because due to their industry knowledge our buyers are able to offer incredibly competitive prices. Please note that when it comes to selling damaged cars, vehicles which have been unrepaired tend to achieve higher quotes. This is because the quality or safety of vehicles which have been self-repaired cannot be guaranteed.

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