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How Does Our Car Scrapping Service Work?

Founded in 2008, Scrap my car or van was one of the country’s first scrapping websites for scrap vehicle prices. Since that time, our independent website has been offering free, instant scrap and salvage quotes for all UK residents, simply by providing your car registration. We have also grown and developed a nationwide network of reputable scrap car breakers, collectors and dedicated buyers. We work with government Authorised Treatment Facilities (ATF) and approved buyers nationwide to provide you with a friendly and impartial service, whilst removing the hassle of the sale and disposal of your scrap or salvage vehicles.


So your car is a non-runner and you are having a nightmare trying to find a suitable buyer? Sound familiar? Selling a non-running vehicle is inherently known as being a very difficult problem to resolve. You have a vehicle that requires a lot of outlay to get back on the road with no guarantee that the vehicle will be roadworthy at the end. Private buyers and smaller garages are wary of the risk involved and therefore cannot afford to be competitive on prices. That’s where we come in. At Scrap My Car or Van, we specialise in these types of vehicles. We have the confidence that we have the required skills and expertise to be able to offer you higher than normal sums for your problem vehicle. This is not an easy task, but years of industry experience places us in a position where by we can make you a competitive offer over the phone and guarantee the price. This means that the price we quote you, based on the information we receive, is the price you are paid.

Why Choose Us For NON-RUNNER Car Scrapping?

Scrapping a car is something that most people do very rarely in their life – that’s why we’ve created a professional scrap car comparison service that provides UK customers with information, support and guidance when they sell their used car; all the way from quote to scrap car collection. Our commitment to providing a simple and straightforward way to sell your scrap vehicle starts with the valuation we provide. Our professional network of scrap dealers and dismantlers is the best in the automotive industry – so we can instantly provide quotes from our price comparison that will not be beaten.

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Vehicle Collection And Payment

Once your details have been passed on the buyer of your vehicle will be in contact to arrange a collection date for your vehicle with you. This will be arranged for a date that is convenient for both of you, with a delivery window given for that day. Unfortunately delivery windows vary and exact times cannot be given. This is because there are often multiple collections booked in per day, and each collection takes a different amount of time to complete depending on the vehicle’s individual requirements. Collection windows are given, as if a collector was to run to an exact schedule, delays could occur which would throw the whole day out of sync. Each collector will ensure that you are updated when they are on route so that you have enough time to travel to the vehicle if it is stored elsewhere.


Who Will Pay Me?2020-08-11T13:05:19+01:00

The purchaser of your vehicle will be the one paying you. Once you have accepted a quote from our site we will send you the details of the company purchasing your vehicle. They’ll then be in touch to arrange the collection of your scrap car and once the vehicle has been inspected, and is in the process of being collected, they will proceed with your payment.

How My Cars Value Calculated?2020-08-11T13:04:29+01:00

As mentioned above, it is dependant upon the intentions the purchaser has for your vehicle. If your car is purchased for salvage purposes the vehicle’s worth will be valued based upon; overall mileage, interior condition, exterior condition, the condition of the engine and whether the vehicle has any additional extras such as alloys.

How Much Do I Get Paid?2020-08-11T13:03:14+01:00

The price you receive for your vehicle will be dependant on a variety of factors, for example; whether your car has been purchased as a salvageable vehicle or as an end-of-life vehicle for scrap. To find out the value of a scrap vehicle, simply fill out the quotation form at the top of this page and our website will generate you a no obligation quote, instantly.

Will You Pay Me In Cash?2020-08-11T12:59:33+01:00

Unfortunately it is illegal to do so. This is because scrap metal dealers must be able to convey a named cheque or printed receipt of the transaction which was made. There must also be a record of the person who made the transaction. If no proof can be shown in the relation to the transaction then it will be rendered as incomplete and considered an offence under section two of the Scrap Metal Dealers Act (SMDA). This was bought in as a way to combat scrap metal theft and rogue traders, and as a result paying for scrap vehicles in cash has been illegal in the UK since the 1st of October 2013. If a particular trader is willing to break the law by offering or making untraceable payments in cash, you have to ask yourself what else they could be doing which is illegal. Using trusted traders is paramount to your safety which is why we strictly adhere to the law and ensure that all of our buyers operate with the appropriate payments for your vehicle.

When Do I Get Paid?2020-08-11T12:58:45+01:00

All payments are made on the day of collection. Once the collector has inspected your vehicle to ensure that the condition of your scrap car matches the details given to us during the quotation stage, you should call us to confirm the details and once this has been done, payment will be made.

How Do I Contribute To Charity?2020-08-11T13:34:31+01:00

If you would like to contribute to one of our chosen charities we have enabled donations to be made for as much, or as little, as you would like. You can make a charitable contribution in one of two ways; either over the phone with one of our dedicated advisors, or online through our website.

Do I Pay For Your Service?2020-08-11T13:31:44+01:00

No, our service is 100% free for users of our site. There are no hidden costs or fees and all collections are free; so the quote you accept, is the price you will be paid!

Should I Need A Bank Account?2020-08-11T13:30:45+01:00

Yes. Cash payments are illegal due to the Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013 and so all payments are made via bank transfer or business cheque, which must be paid into a UK bank account.

What I Need To Get Paid?2020-08-11T13:29:43+01:00

If you already have a scrap car which you have accepted an offer for, you’re almost there! The only things you need in order to get paid once the aforementioned is done, is to wait for your buyer to arrive and collect your vehicle. Oh, and have a bank account for the payment be made into of course!

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