The average prices of the scrapped cars were increased almost up to 20% in a pandemic, data analysis by the reputed news websites.

Scrapping your vehicle with dealers of Scrap My Car London is now a great chance to get more money as compared to the old prices paid.” It would be the best time to remove your old, junk, non-runner vehicles for the best & reasonable prices.

Our Professional Team of local scrap car dealers collects the data from the local news of the automotive industry to share with our followers. While as compared to the last year 2019, the data of scrapping vehicles increased in 2020.

It was started from a minimum of £250 for a vehicle but it raised up to 20% last year and now the local scrap car dealers are offering £300 for the same condition vehicles which are more beneficial for those who still have the scrap vehicle in their backyard or garage.
At the peak time of a pandemic, the prices are decreased by 24% from the actual value but after a few months the condition is getting normal/ back again, there is a rise in purchases of new vehicles, as well as in the number of scrapping vehicles.


Scrapping your vehicle is a great option at the time when the prices are increased and the Scrap My Car London dealers are offering top prices for your unwanted vehicles along with taking all the hassle from completing paperwork to collecting vehicles for free.

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After completing the official government work our car collecting team will instantly come in to remove your vehicle. The payment will be transferred to your bank account on the day of collection, contactless payment.


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